Monday, 18 January 2010

What do we believe?

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How you doing? Hope you're living, loving and learning! I'm just imagining the amount of information out there on blogville, esp about relationships, it's all good. My biggest prayer is that I live out what I believe, in Jesus name. Amen. A new day, a new question. I decided to send my answer to my last question on things Mr O does that annoy/like and he was pleasantly surprised. I'm not sure I want him to read my blog though he may well find it now but I think I'll do a better job of communicating TO him what I communicate ABOUT him and us.

Where do you stand on faith?

I like the fact that he used faith, faith implies you believe something. It's not just about ticking an option under the heading religion. It asks the question 'What do you believe?' I believe many things but I think the most important thing I believe is in God, the Almighty God, that He created me and He has a purpose for my life. I believe in Jesus Christ, God who became man and dwelt amongst us, died for me, rose again and went to be with the Father whilst always keeping an eye out for me. I believe in the Holy Spirit, that He is a Counsellor, a Helper, I believe I should grow in His fruit and also His gifts. I believe in prayer, in speaking the word, in fasting, in worship, in praise.

My faith is in God because all else may fail but never Him. When it comes to faith, I believe both partners should be on the same page, not so much in intensity/fervour for we chase and run at different paces but the passion should be there. I believe in tolerance but I know I couldn't marry someone of a different faith. I just think it's one of those areas you should be on the same page on. Feel free to disagree with me, I believe there are enough things to discuss about without debating on whether God exists or if good works equates with salvation. A lot of decisions I make are based on my faith, my value systems are based on mostly on a Biblical perspective. I'm not perfect but by God's grace I try my best.

I'd always thought I would marry a 'very spiritual' man, funny thing is that I never actually defined what spiritual meant! Lol! I think I always got the impression from what I heard that as the role of the husband is to be the priest of his home, he had to be like super duper deep and super duper deeper in the things of God than I was. I think I've stepped away from that thinking because I try to look at people in general as all in equal need of the grace of God and spirituality is more of an inner behaviour than outward. I'd rather a man that only prayed the Lord's prayer morning and night than someone who was revered in the church and beat me at home! Also, from what I see, women tend to have this passion for Christ that I don't come across as often in men but then maybe I am somewhat biased!

I and Mr O don't pray as often as I would like, we don't attend the same church but we do go to church together once in a while and I know he loves God. We don't agree on some things but we are growing and learning. I believe faith and church are different things, I find it amusing when people automatically assume I will start attending his church when we get married. I'm not saying I won't but I know I will prefer not to, I enjoyed Pastor's counselling sessions but I've attended the church and just didn't relax in the atmosphere, to a certain degree we carry our own atmosphere with us but I just would rather we worshipped somewhere else. We are still praying about it and have not made a final decision but for now we are looking at attending a different church from where either of us worship at present. I think it's important to go to church together, it's good for the couple, we both hear what Pastor said, it's also a great environment for children to grow up in.

However my prayer is that we both as individuals continue to thirst and pant after God, so that we can encourage each other as a couple. I pray for him to be a man after God's heart and that he will teach the next generation about the things of God.
I believe faith is the centre of all things especially for me because I don't think I can succeed in this relationship without Him.

So get talking because the words that proceed from the mouth signify what the heart believes. We can talk 'churchese' for a while but after a period of time the real deal begins to come forth. I guess as long as we are on the same main page we can keep talking, praying and compromising on the letters where we have different views as long as we remember that God and the Bible have the last word!

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