Friday, 16 July 2010

Breaking up...

Breaking up not an event but a process.

It's about days where you wake up realising you never slept and wondering how to face yet another day. 
It's about ignoring calls from friends because no you don't really want to talk about it
It's also about being ignored by mutual friends who don't know what to say or whether to take sides
It's about crying randomly, as you drive, on the train, when someone mentions Ben and Jerry's or Coco Chanel
It's about lying when people ask how far you are going with wedding plans
It's about losing your confidence and questioning yourself if you really have what it takes
It's about feelings of rejection hmm
It's about wondering how to relate with 'ex' prospective in-laws especially when you like them 

Breaking up

..... is not an event but a process

It's about picking yourself out of bed each day giving praise you are alive
It's about learning the difference between failing and being a failure
It's about knowing that there is at least one friend who always understands
It's about growth 
It's about telling yourself you will love again, maybe not now but you will
It's about letting a Supreme love come and mend the broken pieces
It's about facing the world again and embracing your purpose

I don't know how people do this without God. He is a rock and refuge to those who put their trust in Him. So if you've been there before don't worry there is light at the end of what usually seems like a very dark tunnel. It is well with you.

Thanks NewLife and everyone for everything. I am well, hopefully in coming days it will be 'bright and sunny here'! 

God bless



Myne Whitman said...

It is definitely a process, and it is not an easy one. Stay strong and you'll see progress. Have a lovely weekend dear. HUGS

DarLyn said...

You are getting stronger by the day. Hard as it would be on some days you are coming out stronger and wiser.
Sending you a BIG HUG.

doll said...

absolutely. I agree

Anonymous said...

it is well!
God will give you gladness above your fellows in Jesus' name! amen!
(proverbs 45:6/7 and hebrews 1:9)

NewLife said...

May the good Lord continue to strengthen you. Glad to hear you are doing well

I hope these videos can encourage as they do me

Casting crowns: Praise you in this storm

Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart

This last one got me through my most trying time:
Yolanda Adams-I'm gonna be ready

This too will pass sister
"No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him. 1 Cor.2:9

*hugs* still praying...

Hadassah said...

@myne: Thanks sis, I'm seeing it everyday

@DarLyn: Yes I am, thanks for the hug

@doll: Thanks

@anon: Thanks for the scriptures, i'll surely check them out

@Newlife: I'll check out the vids, thanks for the scripture as well

@all: Thanks sisters for the hugs, kind words and encouragement. God bless


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@ I don't know how people do this without God.He is a rock and refuge to those who put their trust in him. Thank God you have him as your solid rock. He's always "grounded" even in the most turbulent storms.

I'm all the way with new life on Yolanda Adams. The woman has a very heavy anointing for writing songs for times like this. Fragile Heart was my song during the days of my healing.

Is 3:10 Say ye of the righteous, that it shall be well with him

PS i just said a quiet prayer for you

NewLife said...

Heyyyy :) thinking about you, hope all is well. Hugs
*still praying*

braids said...


Psalm 107

I'll also add that its very essential that you keep praying. Even on the days you feel that your better just keep praying. On those strong days why do you think your feeling stronger? You gave God all your burdens and He is taking care of them. Its Him who renews your strength and gives you peace. Just think what would happen if God gave you back all the pain. Therefore prayer must be a continous thing- remember we are told to pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17). You don't wanna keep going back to square one, trust me I've been down back too many times.

Lastly Isaiah 43:18-19.

It is well.