Friday, 13 March 2009

The choice

I've been pondering on the issue of choosing a mate. Some people say there is only one person who has been destined to be your partner and team mate in the journey of life and as God knows who this person is, you seek His face and you eventually meet and live happily ever after. Some people are on the other end of the spectrum and feel that the choice of who they marry is totally up to them. What do I think?
Well I don't believe that there is just one person created to be my mate, I believe that God has given me free will but I also strongly believe that because He created me, He knows what's best for me and I should rely on His guidance. I think after the decision to give my life to Christ and serve Him faithfully for the rest of my life, the next decision on the scale of importance is the choice of who I marry. Although it's not easy, I can change careers or relocate to another country but marriage, it's not so easy to change husbands and even if it is, I really don't want to find out. By the grace of God, I pray for the 'd' word to never enter the dictionary of my life in Jesus name. It is not an option. I believe that no one enters marriage believing that they will get divorced so we should try and take the steps to ensure we don't get there.
Pastor says talk to God, don't make a decision solely based on how you feel. Have you prayed? Have you gotten a confirmation from God that this is the One? Also, have you weighed the pros and cons of getting married to this person? Do you know him/her?
Personally, whenever I used to pray about relationship issues in the past, I always wondered how God would speak to me for the truth is where my emotions are involved I find it very difficult to hear from God. Either for or against. Pastor said pray, ask God to confirm his answer through His word and through the mouth of another witness. This resonated with me. I must admit I didn't really pray when I and Mr O decided to start the relationship, I rephrase, I prayed but I wasn't sure I got an answer per say, I just went with the peace of God I had in my heart. But then we had a very big disagreement in the first few months (The Big Fight, I might talk about it in a later post) and we decided not to see each other anymore. Then I prayed and this time I waited for God to speak to me. God spoke to me through his word, through the message of the pastor in my sister's church and through my mother. The reason I know about the confirmation from two witnesses is because they did not know what the implications of the words they spoke meant to me.
Even with this, I must say that there are times I still wonder and have doubts but deep down I know God is working and therefore as I have made my choice, I need to dig my heels into the foundation of commitment and build our relationship from there. I don't know if Mr O is the best man in the world but he is definitely the best man for me! Keep smiling and shining.

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