Thursday, 12 March 2009


A definition of prepare is to put in proper condition or readiness. To put in proper condition, that means preparation actually comes before doing something. I prepare to go out, I prepare for my presentation, for my exam e.t.c. These days I have been asking myself serious questions. Questions like Am I preparing for life? To be a wife and mother, to be an employee and a business owner and if I am preparing, how am I preparing? Am I preparing in the right way? As a child of God, I believe that God has created me for a specific purpose and I need to rely on His guidance to see me through in my life.

To be successful in any endeavour in life, one must be prepared. Woe to an army whose enemy finds them unprepared for battle. At this point in my life I feel like I am in preparation for so many things. I'm preparing for the next phase of my career, to start a business and also to be a Mrs (this is heavy!) but by the grace of God, I will choose to depend on His wisdom to see me through because so many problems and issues can be avoided if only one was prepared.

I and the man I love, like and am in love with (Mr O) have recently started premarital counselling. Like I said, no official proposal yet but we know where we are going and I think it's better to start now to start putting a solid foundation in place. I would recommend it for people in serious relationships even before you get engaged because some issues crop up in counselling that make you think hmmm..I'd never considered that before! I will be sharing what I am learning there and the impact that it is making in my life and our relationship. I love what the pastor taking the class said "This is a life class, it's not just about marriage because the principles you will learn here can be applied to other areas of your life".

I want to be prepared, like a tennis player always on the balls of their feet, ever ready to apply lethal force to that ball when it gets to their court, what about you?

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