Thursday, 25 June 2009

Questions, questions, questions!

Wow, today was really interesting. So we got there and we introduced ourselves to Pastor D, he asked us how long we had been in the relationship for and what our plans were. He also told us that we would be having about eight to ten sessions with him and would be covering a lot of areas like the role of husband and wife, finance, communication, sex e.t.c and to prepare ourselves for FULL DISCLOSURE so we shouldn't be surprised when some certain things came up. He asked if we had informed our parents about the relationship and we responded in the affirmative. He then gave us a form to fill. It was like four pages long! I was! Apart from the regular background information, these are a few questions I can remember,

  • Blood group and genotype
  • Which parent were you closer to?
  • How many siblings do you have?
  • Are there any medical conditions that could affect your partner?
  • Have you ever had an abortion?
  • List 15 (yes 15) reasons why you want to marry this person?
  • Are you born again?
  • What was your experience of salvation?
  • What do you understand by marriage?
  • Did your parents have a good, average or poor marriage?
  • What are your marital goals and how do you hope to achieve them?
  • Where did you meet your partner?
  • What are your thoughts on joint accounts for finance?
  • What are your parents religious background?

If I remember the others, I will update the post. It took us almost an hour, see me thinking as if I was preparing for A' Levels! After skimming through our forms, he made one or two comments about some things we had written like Mr O's parents are separated and he just asked a few questions about that. Just before he left, he asked Mr O, so why Esther? He then posed the same question to me? I just realised now that neither of us used the word love! Interesting! We spent so much time writing answers although I would have really loved to read what his 15 reasons for wanting to marry me were!

Anyway, we've booked about 8 more appointments from July all the way to November, well there's no rush, we're not planning on getting married this year anyway, this year is about preparation and setting a solid foundation. My church is very big and I'm surprised my pastor still takes time to meet all couples intending to get married on a one to one basis. God bless him. So that's it, more updates as they come. It was really interesting!


Anonymous said...

Wow! It is such a blessing to get this opportunity. Days and years into married life, the lessons learned will be put to good use and issues you can't or don't identify with at this time will be issues that come up in the future. Bravo to both of you for going through with this, it shows commitment and devotion to the cause called marriage.


Hadassah said...

@SY: I'm really learning a lot...hope I'm using what I'm learning effectively sha

From Now Till I Do said...

Wow - how intense but it sounds like it's really thorough. You need to ask and answer all these questions this side of marriage.

P.s. thanks for stopping by the blog!