Monday, 8 June 2009

On days like this

I'd always wanted to keep this space as honest and truthful as possible, some days love just requires a bit more effort than others I guess.

On days like this
I wish
Love wasn't kind
or patient or humble
or held on to things that make me upset

On days like this
I wish
Love was self seeking
easily angered
wanting it's own way

On days like this
I wish
I could switch love off
so it wouldn't hurt
and I wouldn't cry


On days like this
I wish
but He speaks
and reminds me that
He is love

Rejoicing in truth
Protective, trustful
and persevering
In other words

which makes me realise

On days like this
I wish that you
were perfect
and you're not but then neither I am
but He is and He can help us
work at it

(c) Esther Hadassah 2009

Inspired by a television show, a telephone conversation and Favoured Girl's Mr and Mrs Imperfect.


Favoured Girl said...

Sweetie, there are days like that, when you get so frustrated that you almost give up on love itself. But with God's grace you CAN pull through, resolve to forgive and extend that grace to the other person. It is well my dear. And it is always worth it in the end!

Hadassah said...

@Favoured: Thanks, your post really brought it all home for me. It was like God confirming His word that He had spoken to me that morning.