Monday, 2 November 2009

On days like this

On days like this
It hurts to have you around
It hurts to have you far away
It hurts to speak to you
It hurts to keep quiet
It hurts to say the truth
It hurts to tell lies
It hurts to hold on
It hurts even more to give up
It hurts to do what is right
It hurts to do wrong
Everything just hurts
Today I have been musing on the storms of life and how they come to reveal things for what they really are. If I say I have a strong foundation, the storm will prove the veracity of my words. As a couple I and Mr O have faced, face and will continue to face different storms but our survival will continually depend on what we build our relationship with. I think good has come from facing crisis, I know what he does when he faces the challenges of life but the question I repeatedly ask myself these days is whether I can sign on to a forever of the man he is today or if I secretly wish that he will change in some areas. I recently made a promise to myself to always be honest at least to myself. I hear a voice tell me that love covers a multitude of sins, I don't want to listen to that voice for I recognise the source, at least not today but I have to don't I. Thank you Lord.
This is just to encourage anyone reading that sometimes relationships hit rough patches, before you get married and I guess after as well. Just as I don't believe in the 'D' word (divorce) i'm always hesitant to use the 'B' word (break-up) but before you do accurately assess what you are signing up for. It's one thing to know that imperfections exist yet another to wake up to those imperfections each morning. I'm at a low point but I think I just need to sit with my Daddy for a while on this one. Should be back soon, just wanted to share there are days like this...


Myne Whitman said...

I hope and pray that you and your fiancee will come out of this stronger. Take care...

Hadassah said...

@Myne: Thank you so much, you words were very comforting. That's my prayer as well

DarLyn said...

I can’t say I know exactly where it hurts, but when it’s a heart issue it hurts so much more. I like your view to it which it to sit it out with God on this. He alone can help you through whatever storm comes along. Remember – it’s always darkest before the dawn. You are in my prayers

Anonymous said...

days like this dont last forever; this too shall pass u know. take care dear.


Andrea said...

Hi Hadassah, things will get better and you will come out stronger.. This post kinda touched me.

Hadassah said...

@DarLyn: Thank you so much, I just feel this warmth and peace on the inside

@ChiChi: thanks I know

@Andrea: Thank you so much girl. Looking forward to your updates.

@everyone: I can't believe it, wow this love is too much, your words and prayers have really gone deep into my soul. God bless you..